Regarding Skills

Characteristic Rolls
Use when no other skill makes sense – examples:

- STR x 5 = Lift

- DEX x 5 = Catch

- INT x 5 = Quick Thinking

- CON x 5 = Endurance

- APP x 5 = Charm

- POW x 5 = Instinct

- SIZ x 5 = Intimidate

- SAN = Personal Control

- EDU x 5 = Logic

- (INT + POW) / 2 × 5 = Perception

Combining Skills
Use two skills together to accomplish a related task or solve a problem that does not apply to a single skill

  • Skills must be relatively equal in percentiles
  • Success is d100 less than or equal to the lowest skill percentile

Consecutive Rolls
In rare cases, a failed roll, if close enough, can provide insight that reduces the difficulty and allows for another roll

Hypnosis Skill
Target must be willing and hypnotist must make a successful Hypnosis roll.

  • Aid to Psychoanalysis: if investigator has 10+% of Psychoanalysis, add 25% to Psychoanalysis skill when treating that patient thereafter.
  • Post-Hypnotic Suggestion: Target performs a single particular action without apparent thought; but will not accept suggestions contrary to their normal behaviors or desires)
  • Memory Aid: Bring fragmented or buried memories to light (could cause additional Sanity loss for the patient due to “re-living the memory”).
  • Alleviate Pain: Ease or temporarily erase symptomatic pain. The pain makes this more difficult – match POW vs. POW on Resistance Table in addition to the successful Hypnosis roll.
  • Disinformation: Alter memory of an incident in a minor way.

Regarding Skills

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