Regarding Impale and Called Shots

It is silly that only sharp pointy weapons can deal critical damage.

Critical Hit – Optional Rule
Impale is replace by Critical Hit, which is similar, but different.

  • Any weapon, including unarmed strikes, deal a Critical Hit if the attack roll is less or equal to 1/5 the character’s skill.
  • A Critical Hit deals double damage
  • In the next round, the attacker must roll is less or equal to their skill in order to use the weapon that round: i.e., their knife might have gotten wedged and is difficult to pull out, their hammer strike might have loosened their grip, their fist punch might have slightly twisted their wrist, etc.
  • Some mythos creatures are immune to Critical Hits, depending on the creature and the weapon type
  • In cases where a combat critical (01-05%) is rolled, the keeper should decide what advantage is gained:
    • Ignore armor or ethereal-ness and do normal damage
    • cause a minor debilitation
    • deal double damage
    • etc.

Called Shots
A called shot attempts to gain additional advantage, and therefore increases the difficulty of the attack.
- If the advantage is great (i.e., strike across the eyes to blind the creature), it requires a combat critical to achieve (01-05% roll).
- If the advantage is more standard (i.e., strike the hand to cause it to drop the weapon), it requires a Critical Hit to achieve

If a called shot fails, but he roll would have typically been a success, then the target gets a free Dodge against the attack.
- On success, the attack misses
- On failure, the attack results in normal damage

Regarding Impale and Called Shots

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