Preparing for Horror

It should be possible for an investigator who has happened upon a horrific scene to prepare the others for encountering that scene. Properly preparing others will help to lessen the shock of the scene when the others encounter it.

Horror checks involve sanity loss based on the degree of horribleness. Categorical loss is:

  • 0
  • 1
  • 1d2
  • 1d3
  • 1d4
  • 1d6
  • 1d8
  • 1d10
  • etc.

Depending on special aspects of the encounter, there could be an additional +1, x2, or other modifier. For example, a horror check of 1/1d4 equates to (category 2)/(category 5). If an investigator has been prepared, they may gain a bonus of 1 category (1c) to the horror check penalty. In this example, the horror check would be reduced by 1 category for both the success and failed rolls, resulting in 0/1d3.

Preparing others

  1. To prepare the others, the Witness states who he will attempt to prepare. This could be a single individual, or a group.
  2. Each person selected either agrees or declines to become active Listeners.
  3. The Witness describes the scene, and rolls a Perception check with the following possible (depending on the listener’s Understanding below) results:
  • Critical Success (01%-05%): Sanity losses are reduced by two categories (-2c/-2c)
  • Great Success (06%-10%): Sanity losses are reduced by two/one categories (-2c/-1c)
  • Success: Sanity losses are reduced by one category (-1c/-1c)
  • Failure < 90%: No effect
  • Great Failure (90%-95%): Sanity loss is increased by zero/one category (+0c/+1c)
  • Critical Failure (96%-100%): Sanity loss is increased by one category (+1c/+1c)

Understanding and “toughening up”

  1. Each Listener rolls an Idea roll to see if they fully understand the Witness’ description, with the following results:
  • Success: The Listener gains the results of the preparation.
  • Failure < 95%: The Listener doesn’t get it, and doesn’t gain results.
  • Critical Failure (95%-100%): The Listener thinks they are prepared, but are not.

Becoming Shaken

  • An investigator that suffers a category increase for the upcoming encounter will be knowingly and visibly shaken by the description. Upon encountering it, they will focus on details that they wouldn’t have noticed before, making the scene even more horrific for them (thus, the increased categories).
  • Knowing this, they could choose to stay put, or take some other action.
  • Note that the Psychoanalysis skill can be used to calm a Shaken investigator.

Preparing for Horror

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